Upgrade Your TV Mount Today

Upgrade Your TV Mount Today

Upgrade your TV mount if you’ve invested in a new flatscreen or want more from your existing television experience. The right amount can make all the difference. Trust our experts at Neighborhood Techs to help you choose the right mount and install it with professional results. You deserve more. Find it at Neighborhood Techs.

Bigger TV

You probably need a new mount if you are upgrading your existing flatscreen with a larger television. Heavier screens put more demands on existing hardware. It may also be necessary to enhance how your TV mount attaches to your wall. Skip the DIY guesswork. Our experts can choose the right mount for your television class and handle the installation.


Better Viewing Angles

If you are happy with your television but want more out of your viewing experience, a new TV mount could be the answer. Upgrade with a fully articulating mount that offers you viewing options from adjacent rooms or different seating options in your viewing room. Being able to turn on your television can mean never missing a moment of fun, whether in your kitchen or watching from your desk.


TV mounts are only one upgrade to your viewing experience that you can enjoy. If you are ready to add accessories like wired or Bluetooth speakers, we can help. We offer the same secure mounting expertise for your television accessories that you expect for your television solutions. Let our experts complete your TV and accessory installation for a result you will love.
Upgrade your TV mount today and discover a viewing experience unlike any other. Contact our experts at Neighborhood Techs today!

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