Curved HDTV Installations

Curved HDTV Installations

Flatscreen technology is now so advanced that the screens aren’t flat anymore. They’re curved. When you want to mount one of these technological masterpieces, trust our experts at Neighborhood Techs to do the job right. Our experience can help you choose the best placement and mounting hardware for your curved screen so you never miss the best picture you can get. We can help.

Location, Location, Location

65″ class curved 4K screens sell well and deserve a mounting solution that lets your eye absorb every pixel. Book online and describe your preferred application, and set your appointment. Our experts can make any recommendations necessary to have a viewing experience as good as being there.

Optimal Viewing Angle

Unlike typical flatscreen TVs, a curved screen has an optimal viewing angle. So if you want the best viewing angle from your favorite sofa, we can help. Believe it or not, your application can influence your viewing angle. For example, are you looking to enjoy sports with the family, or do you need an optimized gaming suite? Getting the right viewing angle makes all the difference.

Mounting Hardware Solutions

Different applications may require a different mounting solution. For example, do you want to watch a game from your sofa, then later watch from your desk as you wrap up some emails? Full range of motion mounts could be the solution you are looking for. Our experts can advise you on the best mount for your curved HDTV installation, so there is never a bad seat in the house.
Curved HDTV installations need our expertise, so contact us today. Book online, and you can enjoy your brand-new curved HDTV in no time. Trust our experts at Neighborhood Techs.

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