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Book Online Today!

Book Online Today!

Finding the home tech help you need is easier than ever. Simply go to our website and book online today. We’re Neighborhood Techs, and we can help. Whether you need professional flatscreen TV installation or pro-grade help with your other home tech solutions, we can offer same-day service in most cases. Why DIY when you can call us?

Same-Day Service

Same-day service starts when you book online here. Answer a few simple questions about the installation service you need, and we’ll be there. Please spend some time checking out our website, and you may find you need more services than you were searching for. You never know when inspiration will strike.

TV Mounting Solutions

You spent hours researching which flatscreen to buy. Don’t blow it by hanging it on an inferior TV mount. Not only can we help you select the proper TV mount, but we also deliver professional same-day service on your installation. In addition, every Neighborhood Techs TV mounting service is tidy, so you don’t have to see unsightly wires or be left with a mess to clean up.

Home Tech Installation

Have you adopted the latest home tech but are unsure how to install it? We offer home tech installation across many popular brands. We have you covered if you need to install your doorbell camera or smart thermostat. Once you buy your suit of home tech, leave the rest to us. We can get you up and running in no time.
Book online today and have your home tech or flatscreen TV installed how you want it. Don’t trust your high-end electronics to DIY. Contact us at Neighborhood Techs today!

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